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(Presently Under Ministry of Shipping)


The Directorate of Seamen & Emigration welfare was established under the International labour organization (ILO) Recommendation No.48 of 1936 regarding welfare of Seamen. It was created under the central Government of British India. After 1947 the Directorate of Seamen & Emigration Welfare was placed under Ministry of Labour & Manpower, Central Government of Pakistan. The Directorate of Seamen and Emigration Welfare was reorganized in 1st October 1971 amalgamating the then existing three Departments, viz.

          a. Directorate of Seamen’s Welfare,

          b. Protectorate of Emigrants, and

          c. National Employment Bureau,

With a view to implementing the provisions of the ILO Conventions and Recommendations ratified and accepted by the Government for the purpose of boosting up the output of this sector of national economy engaged in earning the much needed foreign exchange. This Directorate has been found to be functioning in all other countries of World having sea-ports and international shipping/maritime activities/operations as an essential part of their national economic activities. It is all the more important for a developing country like Bangladesh with its increasing maritime activities both as a member nation of the ILO and the IMO. The Seamen Hostel was established in 1962 for the Temporary accommodation of Seafarers along with transportation, recreation, communication and other facilities.


Vision: Welfare of Seafarer`s.

Mission : To Provide the Seamen amenities ashore and afloat.

The Directorate of Seamen & Emigration welfare under the  established during British period under the then Central Government to Implement International Labour Organizations (ILO) recommendation no. 48 of 1936 regarding Seamen’s welfare. The creation of the Directorate of Seamen & Emigration Welfare in the year 1971 by amalgamating the then existing three department via (a) Directorate of Seamen’s Welfare, (b) Protector of Emigrants and (c) National Employment Bureau with a view to implementing the provision of the ILO Conventions of recommendations ratified and accepted by The Government for the purpose of boosting up the welfare of persons engaged in earning valuable foreign exchange.


Earlier the Directorate of Seamen and Emigration Welfare was under the Ministry of Shipping and under the direct supervision of the Department of Shipping. The Directorate of Seamen Emigration Welfare has been functioning for providing cultural and Welfare services to seafarers and to advice the Government on measures to be taken for promoting welfare of seamen whether ashore of on board as per requirement of Maritime labour convention-2006. The Directorate is headed by a Director (Deputy Secretary). It runs a Seamen’s Hostel headed by a Deputy Director, and two regional offices located at Chattogram and Mongla headed by two Assistant Directors.

Functions :

The functions allocated to the Directorate are given below:

  1. To act as the administrative machinery for controlling, supervising and co-ordinating the seamen’s welfare works at the Bangladesh ports and other foreign sea-ports where Bangladeshi seamen face problems.
  2. To formulate plans and execute schemes and projects for promotion of seamen’s Welfare facilities at the ports as per ILO Recommendation No. 48 of 1936.
  3. To secure necessary grants of money from the Government and the Merchant Seamen’s Welfare Fund for the Welfare of the Seamen, arrange for speedy execution of all projects and schemes when sanctioned and supervise them while being executed.
  4. The manage the Seamen’s Education Trust Fund and distribute stipends to the children of Seamen prosecuting studies in schools, colleges and universities.
  5. To recommend measures connected with maintenance of rosters, recruitment of Seamen and general Welfare facilities for merchant seamen.
  6. To function as member (statutory) on different Committees such as, Seamen’s Employment Board, Seamen’s Disciplinary Committee, Seamen’s Promotion Committee, etc.
  7. To participate in different meetings and discussions on national and international issues touching maritime labour.To prepare reports on ILO Conventions and Recommendations.
  8. To formulate plans and schemes for consideration of the Ministry of Labour on all matters connected with employment and we fare of Bangladeshi seamen in Bangladesh and abroad, matters connected with employment of Bangladeshi seamen, their conditions on board the ocean-going ships and also when they are on off-articles.
  9. To visit ships calling at the Port of Chattogram when there is dispute relating to provisions and stores, accommodation, water, medicines, etc.
  10. To act as the administrative head for supervising the offices of the Directorate and its subordinate offices at Chattogram and Khulna, Seamen’s Hostel, Chattogram and is responsible for overall administration of the Directorate.
  11. To act as an adviser to the administrative Ministry, viz, the Ministry policies concerning the Directorate.
  12. To act as the Principal Accounting Officer of the Directorate within the budget provision.
  13. To be responsible for the administration and execution of functions of the Directorate as per the Acts, Rules and Regulations and directives issued by the Government from time to time.
  14. To be responsible for proper functioning and discipline of the Directorate.
  15. To provide executive and operational guidance to the regional field officers and their staff and exercise control and supervision over them.
  16. To be responsible for appointing Class-II, Class-III and Class-IV employees of the Directorate as per existing procedure. 


  1. To act in the place of Director when he is away on tour;
  2. To assist the Director in his works, to perform the works as allocated to him by the Director;
  3. To attend under the control and supervision of the Director, all the welfare works connected with the merchant seamen at the ports;
  4. To Control and supervise the running of the Seamen’s Hostel, Chattogram; and
  5. To visit ships calling at the ports of Bangladesh to check provisions of stores accommodation, weights and measures, medical arrangement etc (statutory).



  1. To act as the administrative head of the Regional office at the responsive ports;
  2. To visit the ships and inspect the provisions and water, medicines and appliances, weights and measures and accommodation under Section 91 of the Merchant Shipping Act, 1923;
  3. To protect the service conditions of seafarers;
  4. To provide the seamen with amenities ashore and afloat;
  5. To give monetary assistance to seamen in distress;
  6. To arrange burial of deceased seamen in ports;
  7. To arrange medical treatment for ailing seamen;
  8. To arrange repatriation of destitute seamen;
  9. To visit hospitals to see and enquire into the wellbeing of the seamen patients;
  10. To visit Hostels, clubs and Lathe Houses to see the living conditions of seamen;
  11.  To give legal advice to seamen;
  12. To arrange reconciliation and settle dispute between seamen and seamen and employers and ships officers afloat;
  13.  To assist seamen in realizing the balance of wages from the employers;
  14.  To assist seamen in getting pension, compensation and other claims;
  15. To do all other works which are directly or indirectly connected with the promotion of welfare of seamen.